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Fragile times

Movement. Sound. Nature. Captured on film, Fragile Times is a realisation of the fragility of life, physically and mentally, during the unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic. This poem, written in the process, sets the mood:


Crinkle cut 

The leaves bask in the late afternoon sun

The overhead chorale of birds 

A reminder of how bustling life is

The world is slowing down

Or is it?

Who chooses the pace?

If we are still but for our whirring mind

Are we really still?

Still enough to wholly listen

Do we gain a chance to re-asses?

To consciously choose our own speed

Our own frequency in the intricate web

Has the whole web changed? 

Is this the moment where a new web will be spun?


Created and performed by dance artist Amalia Fahle-Clouts in collaboration with sound artist, Somatic (Somin Griffin-Dave) and musician Rufus Baker-Morris.

Premiere: Spark Fest Digital Bath

June 2020

Fragile Times
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